HSI Combined Training Challenge 2019 – Dressage Ireland Members


Entries to  info@coilog.com by 5pm October 4th

Venue: CoilÓg Equestrian

Who competes:    Dressage Ireland Affiliated Members

Classes:  1   D.I. Preliminary Test P.4 (2016), Jumping 80cm

2  D.1. Preliminary Test P.5 (2012)  Jumping 90cm

3  D.I. Novice Test N23 (2012)  Jumping  1M

4  D.I. Novice Test  N26 (2012)  Jumping 1.10m

You must enter each rider and horse/pony name in the Rider & Horse/Pony Names section of the next (billing page). Please separate each pair with a comma eg. Mary Smith / Archie, John Smith / Alfie.  This information is required at the time of booking.

Select the test from the list below.


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80cm, D.I. Preliminary Test P.4 (2016), 90cm, D.I. Preliminary Test P.5 (2012), 1.00m, D.I. Novice Test N23 (2012), 1.10m, D.I. Novice Test N26 (2012)