COVID-19 Training Show for Ponies – Thursday, October 29th


COVID-19 Training Shows for Ponies

ECVOA Protocols will apply

  • your must provide details of all parties travelling, including the driver
  • no spectators allowed at the events

All classes will be pre-entry and prepayment online. No points allocated for Training Shows. Entry Fee for Ponies €20 per class.
Entries: Close 6pm on Tuesday & Thursdays preceding training shows.

Start list and drawn order will be issued on our web site by 6pm evening before the show.
Covid-19 protocols will apply. COVID-19 Information in conjunction with Horse Sport Ireland

Once entries close no refunds will be possible.
Take Away Catering Facilities will be open on site.

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128cm – 70cm, 128cm – 80cm, 128cm – 90cm, 128cm – 1m, 138cm – 80cm, 138cm – 90cm, 138cm – 1m, 138cm – 1.10m, 148cm – 80cm, 148cm – 90cm, 148cm – 1m, 148cm – 1.10, 148cm – 1.20m