CoilÓg Return to Show Jump Training for Newcomers

COVID-19 Training Show for Newcomers

ECVOA Protocols will apply

  • your must provide details of all parties travelling, including the driver
  • no spectators allowed at the events

All classes will be pre-entry and prepayment online. No points allocated for Training
Shows. Entry Fee for Newcomers €15 per class.

Entries: Close 6pm on Tuesday & Thursdays preseeding training shows.
Start times for classes, start lists,  and drawn order will be issued on our web site by 6pm evening before the show.
Please note the start times for both horses & ponies is determined by the volume of entries
Covid-19 protocols will apply;  COVID-19 Information in conjunction with Horse Sport
Once entries close no refunds will be possible.
Take Away Catering Facilities will be open on site.