Leagues Schedules

20th February 2017

Thank you for your continued support here at Coilog. We are currently running an unaffiliated Show Jump League on our normal days of Thursday and Saturday, you or your horse/pony do not have to be registered, the shows are run under normal Show Jump Rules.

The format is the same as previous shows with the same classes and “Not Before Start Times”  The leagues Run Saturdays from the 11th of February to March 18th and Thursday League from the 16th of February to March 23rd.

The cost is €20.00 for the first class and subsequent classes with the same combination €15.00. €2.00 of each entry goes towards the prize fund and insurance cover is under Coilog for these leagues. No temporary tickets required for this league.


Saturday Schedule is as follows:

Horses 80 cm and 1.05 cm start at 10.00 AM

Horses 90 cm and 1.10 cm not before 11.00 AM

Horses 95 cm and 1.15 cm not before 12.00 Noon

Horses 1.00 metre and 1.20 cm not before 13.00 hrs

Horses 1.05 metre and 1.25cm not before 13.30 hrs

Horses 1.30 cm not before 14.00 hrs.

Horses 1.35 cm not before 14.30 hrs


Ponies X poles 10.00am

Ponies newcomers 40cm not before 10.15 AM

Ponies Newcomers 50 cm not before 10.30 AM

Ponies Newcomers 60 cm Not before 10.45 AM

Ponies Newcomers 70cm Not before 11.00 AM

Ponies 128 cm Not before 11.00 AM

Ponies 138 cm Not before 12.30 Hours

Ponies 148 cm Not before 14.00 Hours


Thursday Schedule

Horses 80 cm 10.00 AM

Horses 90 cm Not before 11.00 AM

Horses 1.00 metre Not before 12.00 Noon.

Horses 1.10 cm Not before 13.00 hrs.

Horses 1.20 Not before 14.00 Hrs.

Horses 1.30 not before 14.30 Hrs


Ponies 128 cm Not before 17.00 hrs

Ponies 138 cm Not before 18.00 hrs

Ponies 148 cm Not before 19.00 hrs.




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